Selling To YellowBird is Simple

Follow Our 4 Easy Steps

What Are the Steps to get Cash For Your House?

Avoid Agent Commissions and Sell Fast in Jacksonville or Northeast Florida in 4 simple steps!

How Does Our Process Work?

Request a Home Offer

Fill Out Your Information On Our Simple Form or Call Us at (904) 595-9780. No need for an appraisal just give us the basic information about your home!

Conduct a Home Evaluation

We will then schedule a time to complete a short home evaluation with you! This walkthrough typically takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes.

Get A Cash Offer on the Spot

After the home evaluation we will then give you a no obligation offer on the spot. You can either take this offer or just leave it being satisfied gaining valuable info!

Pick a Close Date

We will work with you to make sure the close date works best for you! We can even close and arrange to let you stay for plenty of time after the closing as well!

We Would LOVE to Help You Sell Your House!

Not sure about getting a cash offer for your house? Even if you aren’t 100% sure about selling your house and you just want more information, are curious what a cash offer may be like, or if you want to list your house be sure to contact us today!

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We Are The Best Home Buyers in Jacksonville

Getting a great cash offer in the Jacksonville Florida area for you is our highest priority and to do this we strive to be the best, most upfront, honest, homebuyers! Because we are local we live in the community. We keep our faces front and center and do not hide behind a corporate shadow like some of these national buyers! Because of this we make sure we come up with the best situation for both you and us! If you have the urge to sell but do not want to move for weeks or months, we can come up with creative post closing occupancy situations! If your house is going to be foreclosed on in a few days and you have multiple people attached to the property and need a complicated probate, we can get it done! (Yes, this has happened and we worked for days without sleep to make sure this family was not foreclosed on). We are so dedicated to the area, giving homeowners the best cash offer, and helping Jacksonville we go on 3-4 appointments a day most of which we just give advice to homeowners about, even if selling to us is not the right option for them! Sure, we would love to buy your house but we want what is best for the homeowner more than anything!

There Is A Reason Why So Many People Trust YellowBird To Get Cash For Your House!

The Quickest and Most Convenient way to Get Cash for Your House!

Avoiding Agents, Agent Commissions, High Closing Costs and the sell headache? You don’t even need to worry about cleaning your house we have seen it all! We make no judgements and create no obligation when you call us. Even if you are not sure if a cash offer is right for you, we will listen and guide you through your unique situation. At the end of the day, the only thing YellowBird wants to do is help homeowners sell their house for cash!

Instant Offer

We give you an actual offer on the stop after completing our short walkthrough with us. We can walk you through the numbers and we show you exactly how the offer is calculated!

Local Home Buyers

We are not a national buyer, we are local. National buyers have to stick to stringent set of purchasing rules and no matter your circumstance they can not change their process. YellowBird will mold to your specific circumstance to make sure selling your home is as easy!

No Work For You!

Put down the hammer and put away the broom! We will complete all the repairs on our own (we actually prefer it!) and we will haul any junk you want to leave behind, free of charge! We love renovating houses as it is our passion!

No Fees – EVER

We will pay 100% of all your closing costs. There is no inspection fee, no appraisal fee, and no agent fees or commissions to worry about.

No Obligation

The offer we give you is yours to keep without any obligation to take it! We realize that a cash home offer is not for everybody and you may just be curious. Our free service and commitment to you is to provide you with a cash offer that you are under no pressure to take!

No Agents and No Crowds of Strangers

We will only visit your house once and then never again. No need to worry about constant calls from your agents, to arrange showings and have to quickly leave and keep your house tidy. One quick walkthrough and that is it!

If You Want Get a Cash Offer
YellowBird is the Best Way to Sell Your House

Looking for a cash buyer for your house? YellowBird Home Buyers is Jacksonville and Northeast Florida’s #1 and most trusted home buying company. We have purchased hundreds of houses and helped even more home owners get cash for their home. Even if your property is in probate, if you are trying to avoid foreclosure, are tax delinquent, fed up with being a landlord and dealing with burdensome tenants and preforming costly repairs, YellowBird can help and guide you the entire way. We buy all houses, condos, mobile homes, and land for cash in Jacksonville and all Northeast Florida.

Our Basic Formula Is Pretty Simple!

In essence: Purchase Price = ARV + Repairs + Closing Costs + Spread

Lets break this down and explain each portion in more detail.


This is the purchase price that we offer to you in the contract. It is the price or number that we need to be at in order to close the deal and that both the buyer (us) and the seller (you) come to an agreement with in order to sell your house fast!

ARV – After Repair Value

The ARV is the value that we think the house will sell for at perfect condition once all repairs to the property are complete by our general contractor. This includes things such as putting on a new roof, painting the house, installing new cabinets and appliances, updating the bathroom, putting in new carpet or refinishing the floors, or installing a new HVAC / heating and cooling system.

Closing Costs

The closing costs are items that we pay title companies in order to actually close on the house. There are many items that YellowBird needs to pay in order to both purchase the house from you and sell to an end buyer. Items include title fees, wire fees, recording fees, title searches, title insurance, deed stamps paid to the county and surveys. We also pay commissions when we sell the property as well, and while we are able to avoid these fees when we purchase the property by skipping agents and the hassle of putting your house on the market, we must go through all the hoops when we finally list the house and sell it to the new owners.


Spread is the amount of money we need to make in order to have the deal make sense. We are a business after all and we need to make sure the deal makes sense for not only you, but us as well! Depending on how much work needs to be done to the property, the risks, time, and other factors will play into how much money we will need to make on the deal. This helps cover overhead, marketing and the unknown variables!

How Do We Calculate Your Cash Offer?

And That’s It!

If we both agree on the number and it is a win-win situation for both of us then we can close on YOUR TIMELINE! No rush, no hassle but if you need to close quickly, we can make that happen too! And if our numbers don’t align then that’s where everything ends and you can walk away just a little more knowledgeable about the entire process! Even if we don’t purchase your house, we still would love to meet you!

There is a reason why YellowBird buys 1 house PER DAY. Give us a call today!

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in FL. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call (904) 595-9780...
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